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Nurture Your Soul & Elevate your Spirit to
Unlock Higher Gifts & Ignite your Destiny


We invite you to offer you to join Earth Star Circle Moonthly Circle to journey 9 moons of beautiful pure magic teachings.

It is time to REALIGN into the Light.

It is time to BE the Light.

Welcome to Earth Star Monthly Circle, my love…

A space created specifically for you to awaken your feminine within, return magic to self, recalibrate your frequency, heal and release all that no longer serves you, and strengthen your nervous system to support your energetic upgrades.

2022 is a powerful year and it’s not likely to slow down for anyone. 

If anything, everything you have been working towards for years will come to fruition faster than ever before. 

Meaning a lot of people have started to have:-

  • AWAKENING your inner goddess and ask deeper questions about your purpose and your future. Many of us feel fear, anxious and isolated.
  • REDISCOVER Your Feminine Wisdom
  • REDISCOVER and REMEMBER your magic, activate and integrate your unique gifts
  • RELEASE and HEAL ancestral wounding

We are collectively experiencing a global shift toward a deeper and more expanded conscious awareness of who we are, what we know, why we are here, and how we are meant to bring our gifts forward to help ourselves and heal the collective. It has all been coming to this. Join me as we integrate our conscious and subconscious mindsets to heal the past, align the present, and manifest a bright and powerful future.

A space where you can ANCHORING the LOVELIGHT ON EARTH.


The purpose of the Earth Star Circle is to come together four times a month as a group and collectively channel a high frequency of crystalline energy through your body and heart so you can uncover more of the light within you.

Embodiment + Creativity

You get to show up and be in the creative field during this time, allowing yourself to do whatever feels delicious. You have full permission to create, write, draw, move, organise, research, plan, dream, record, or anything else that supports you being of great service.

Rest + Rejuvenate

We will drop in for some Rest + Rejuvenate. I mean, 100%, lay on your bed, close your eyes while I will take you for a special journey, and you allow your entire energetic system to relax.

Share + Witness + Honour

We are not here to be alone. We are Sisterhood Community. We come and sit in the ceremonial circle, light the candle, seeing who is sitting on your left and on your right. Look into their eyes as a sacred mirror. We share what is real and we witness and honour your healing and self-discovery journey.

The Earth + The Star

Are you craving to receive guidance and support during your self-discovery journey? Do you wish to find out what is your unique gifts so you can fulfill your purpose on Earth? Are you connecting to the Gaia and Star Mother? Our Earth Star Cosmic Guides are working closely with Ascended Masters, Spiritual Allies, Totem Animals and Crystal Consciousness connecting with Ancestors Lineages, Fairies, Unicorns, Dragons, and Galactics. You will receive channels and activations.

This is a place of high alchemy…

This space is where the distortions of our old and unconscious conditioning and patterns can be seen, dispelled and integrated in a safe and sacred way through a combination of ancient and modern practices. 

Our weekly women’s circle allows for us to be safely guided into deep states of surrender and connection to release and move stuck, stale and stagnant energy in the body and unconscious mind so that we are able to access more space for love, flow and creative endeavors.

4 times a month gathering of powerful and like-minded souls who are here to come together in unity to maximise your ascension and transformation in 2022.


This is weekly energy cleanse and place to come to create space and time for YOUR evolution and growth.

As women, we can fall into profound states of trust when there is a structure that holds us.

Our weekly gathering is that place.

The body relaxes at a deeper level when you feel truly SUPPORTED…this is the medicine that builds and rewires the system for true safety. 

When you feel safe….all is possible and you can create the world we wish to live in.

Despite a constant feeling that something inside of us needs to be fixed, healed, changed, or removed, I believe you are perfect as you are. The only work before you is to trust your wholeness and pursue your innermost wisdom. You came into this life with an entire living library of knowledge and wisdom that waiting for you to remember, to access from the highest realms of consciousness. 

How does the Earth Star Circle work?

Using the magnified powers from the Moon, as it’s the strongest day of the lunar cycle; a weekly 60-90 minute workshop will be hosted.

As part of your membership circle, all workshops will be recorded and loaded to your membership portal and can be accessed at any time after they broadcast live. 

When the women’s circle is in session we will use the cosmic energy and group vibrations to activate our 12 chakras, our Lightbody, your energy field and shift your frequency, shift your consciousness to connect with the higher realms for strengthened insight, creative power and intuition.

As women, we noticed through our life experiences that when we nurture the feminine ways, listening to our intuition, working together, choosing a community, knowing and honoring our body, our cycles, creating meaningful creations to bring beauty and joy, spending time in nature, the isolation, anxiety, depression and the meaningless routine begins to vanish.

The simple ways of being with each other by letting our intuitive creativity have an expression bring joy and above all the magic of life returns.

We felt this treasure we had found that was within our own selves and in sisterhood must be the key to restoring the balance by bringing back the wisdom of the feminine into our living systems.

These weekly sessions are about coming home to self and powerfully releasing stress cycles stored in the body, mind, heart and womb.

When we gather together as one, our Earth Star Guides will be delivering transmissions and teachings for living in greater alignment with the Divine Union energy in everyday life!

The Divine Union is ready to emerge in us all, and you are ready to activate all your Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine powers within and experience the Divine Unity within you!

Are you ready?

Every Woman needs a sisterhood…

As part of the Earth Star Circle, you will be given access to a private women’s group on private sacred space.

This is a sacred space to connect with other like-minded Creatrix’s in a supportive and uplifting way. A place to redefine the Template of Sisterhood and of the New Earth as we empower and deepen our collective understanding of how to be in more of a synergy with our sacred body, our crystalline hearts, our holy womb grails and Feminine Essence. 


It’s safer for you to begin, it’s safe for you to access your full potential amongst the love and support of those who wish to see you live your full and true expression!

Upcoming weekly transmissions and activations include:

  • 12 Divine Qualities of the Heart
  • Shaking Medicine
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Ancestral Healing and Clearing
  • Strengthening the Auric Field
  • Life Transformation with Abundance
  • Money Mindset
  • Creating Space for your Business, System & Structure
  • How to create budget planning for your Business in 2022
  • Sharing your Money Story
  • Toning Your Mind
  • The 5-D Heart
  • Wandering Womb
  • Explorative Temporal Dance
  • and many more!

Your Earth Star Circle Membership Includes:

  • 4 live coaching sessions in workshop style are integrated into the classes with the four pillars above – Embodiment + Creativity, Rest + Rejuvenate, Share + Witness + Honour and The Earth + The Star.
  • 1 live oracle card reading session every month with Lilian. This takes place directly after the sacred journey for deep insight and learning. When possible, we’ll incorporate the oracle, channelings weave into the cosmic energies, the moon, the lunar, the wheel of the year ceremonial space, crystalline of self, crystal grid channelings, ancestral wisdom, multidimensional templatings, and all of divine feminine wisdom correspond to journeywork;
  • Exclusive access to select new programs launch and learnings;
  • Invitation to a private Sacred Space to meet other members and ask questions of Earth Star Guides – Lilian, Christina, Lily and Kareena;
  • Additional free bonus classes throughout the year;

Now is the perfect time to access all that is available to you.

Are you ready to take control of your timelines and create realities that reflect your vision, mission, and desires?

Earth Star Guides choose to create this magic portal as a monthly circle rather than a membership because we know the importance of the Magic Circle. We are here to offer ourselves as healers, coaches, space holders, divine mothers, and priestesses of the Great Mother generously. That means that we are devoted to bringing forth transmissions, energy healing, teachings, sacred circles, and everything else that we have held as medicine in our magician cloaks and magic wands to serve the greater community. 

As a woman, we naturally are healers, coaches, space holders, luminaries, and divine mothers, there is much we do for others, and we can feel our energy quite depleted at times.

  • How does a woman tap into their well and source energy for movement and growth?
  • How does a woman lay her heart, mind, body, and soul into the nurture of the Great Mother and float in the ethereal ocean?
  • How does the rejuvenation process occur so that it is sustainable?




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